Coxdome | Coxdome 2000 Range With A Fixed Pvc Kerb

CoxdomeCoxdome 2000 Range with a Fixed PVC Kerb

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Coxdome 2000 Range rooflights are the ultimate in rooflight design and can be confidently supplied for use in most applications. A foamed 235mm highs played PVC kerb provides high levels of insulation and thermal efficiency and it is particularly suitable for use in areas where there may be a risk of condensation. The dome is manufactured from high quality polycarbonate and foamed PVC kerb is suitable for fitting directly to the roof deck. The Coxdome 2000 Range rooflights are designed to make optimum use of natural light and are offered in a wide range of sizes, and are not ventilated to provide a cost effective natural light solution.

Coxdome 2000 Range polycarbonate domes are manufactured from enhanced polycarbonate that will not show excessive changes in colour or loss of light transmission, nor will they break due to loss of impact strength, due to weathering, within 10 years from the date of sale.

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Delivery to mainland UK only in approximately 2-3 working weeks

Manufactured from white uPVC and clear or diffused polycarbonate which offers:

- UV protected polycarbonate for all skins.

- Insulated 235mm high PVC upstand supplied as standard.

- Unique, concealed snap fixings supplied as standard for added security.

- Impact tested and classified to Class B - non fragile ACR[M] drop test 001:2005.

- Complies with BS 476 and BS EN 13501-1 fire ratings.

- Air traffic sound reduction of 28dB for a triple skin dome.

- When combined with a double skin dome, the complete unit achieves approx U Value of 1.8 W/m²K

- When combined with a triple skin dome, the complete unit achieves U Value of 1.37 W/m²K.

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