Cheap Skylights

Skylights are a great way to bring a source of natural lighting into your home. Skylights and Roof Lights don’t have to cost a fortune, cheap Skylights can be a great way to make a massive difference to a room. If you have a room with no windows, adding a cheap skylight can allow the natural light to shine through and give the whole room a different atmosphere.

Cheap Polycarbonate Skylights

The plastic dome type skylights are the cheapest skylights to buy in comparison to the high end glass ones. These can be purchased on from for a cheap skylight installation.  The EuroDome Skylight with fixed PVC kerbs is our lowest priced Skylight and looks great in any home. The skylight can be designed to the size, skin and finish type you require and with our large warehouse of cheap skylights we can supply the skylight or roof light you require, in a timely manner.

Bargain Glass Skylights

Even though glass skylights are more expensive than polycarbonate skylights, they don’t’ have to cost the earth. Bargain Glass Skylights are available, and if fitted correctly can add that touch of elegance to any room. It is a known fact that natural sunlight boosts your body's sense of well being, so fitting a skylight can not only transform a room but can also transform your life!

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