Need more ventilation?

10th June 2017

Ventilation is vital within the home and without it you fall prey to stuffiness, stale air and the increased risk of condensation.  When condensation levels are high within the home damp and mould can become an issue, to help alleviate the problem we offer a range of different ventilation options with our rooflights.

When a small amount of background ventilation is all the is required would suggest Controllable Trickle Ventilation.

If a larger area of ventilation is needed a rooflight with a Manual Hinge may be preferable which are operated with a winding rod.

When the unit is out of reach an Electric Hinged rooflight means ventilation is achievable in even hard to reach places.

If you require a glass unit we can offer ventilation from the Astrolight Skyglaze and Coxdome Rooflight ranges.

If you need any more information or want to discuss your ventilation options feel free to give our team a call.


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