Let The Daylight In

4th July 2017

Natural light has a huge number of benefits, it has been proven that daylight increases productivity, improves mood and makes a person healthier. Rooflights are the number one way of introducing natural light and can provide up to three times more daylight than an equally-sized vertical window.

Daylight improves concentration in the workplace, factories and offices achieve higher levels of productivity when there is adequate natural light.  Another benefit is the reduced useage of electrical lights which can add up to quite a saving over the year.  If you are enviromentally minded switching off those lights and installing a skylight can decrease your carbon footprint.


We can supply a huge range of rooflights to suit any situation whether it is domestic of commercial. Flat glass rooflights are available from our Vividlight, Skyglaze and Astrolight ranges.

If you are looking to make more of a feature from your glass rooflight we can supply a range of lantern units from the Eurodome Lantern range.

Polycarbonate units are available from the Coxdome, Eurodome and Mardome rooflight ranges.


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