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<p>We offer square and rectangular roof lights. For square or rectangular rooflights you can choose between a dome or pyramid shape for the polycarbonate top section. Glass skylights are only available as flat double glazed units. If you are looking for something that is going to stand out and become a feature, then we recommend our <a href="/korniche-glass-lantern">Korniche glass roof lantern</a> with an amazing shape and design to make your roof light unique.</p>
No. None of the rooflights we sell are safe to walk on.
No. The polycarbonate material we use has a UV coating to prevent discolouration from the sun. For this to be effective the dome/pyramid must not be scratched or harmed in any way that may damage the UV coating.
<p>Yes, however the warranty period varies between the products. The glass skylights come with a 3 year warranty and the <a href="/polycarbonate-rooflights/">polycarbonate rooflights</a> come with a 10 year warranty. Any electrical components used come with a 1 year warranty.</p>
Not necessarily. Most of our rooflights are available as complete rooflights with kerbs and fixings ready to fit them directly to the roof deck, however in some cases we can supply the top of a rooflight on its own ready to fit to an existing builders timber kerb. Please check the specific product information for further information.
If you are buying a complete rooflight with a kerb you need to measure the size of the hole in the roof. If you are only buying the top section to fit to an existing kerb you need to measure the overall size of the timber kerb including weathering finishes. You may also find our measuring guide handy which is available to view on our website. A link to this can be found at the top of every page. Some customers also find it useful to print a copy of this and take it with them whilst they measure the rooflight.
hide Polycarbonate dome tops only come with security fixing and fixing caps as standard to screw into your own timber upstand / kerb. Polycarbonate domes with suppled PVC upstands come with security fixings and caps as standard to attach the polycarbonate element to the PVC upstand. Fixings to attach the PVC upstand to the roof deck are not supplied, these can be simple wood screws as any waterproofing will cover over these fixings when the unit is installed.
We have designed our website to make sure it is as easy as possible for you to place and order with us. Simply find the rooflight or skylight product type you wish to purchase. When you have found what you want you can select from the drop down boxes to the right of the image to choose things like the number of layers of polycarbonate and the size of rooflight you require. Select the quantity you need and the website will display a price. If you wish to purchase click on add to basket. you can then click the red banner or the red checkout button at the top of the page. Simply follow the on screen instructions to place your order. Please feel free to contact us if you get stuck as we can alway talk you through over the phone.
We are only able to deliver to mainland Uk addresses at this time.
The standard 150mm high splayed PVC upstand that comes with the Eurodome units has a 60mm wide foot. E.g. A unit to suit a 1000 x 1000 mm roof opening size will have a 1120 x 1120 mm foot size.
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