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Our contemporary roof lanterns not only bring light into your home, but also offer an attractive design feature. Perfect for conservatories or any area where you would like to introduce some extra light in style. With their slim line aluminium frame work, the contemporary roof lantern provides you with a far less obstructed view than other lanterns currently available on the market.

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The slim elegant Korniche double glazed rectangular lantern fits perfectly in any home by retaining traditional features in a contemporary setting: Slim S ...

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The contemporary Lunaglaze glass roof lantern is supplied with a 150 mm high vertical PVC kerb for ease of fitting.  This unit comes complete with intermediate glazing bars on larger sizes, a ...

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There are a broad range of pro's and con's when it comes to deciding whether or not you should look to have a pitched roof vs a roof lantern on your home project. We would recommend when it comes to deciding which would suit your home, is the positioning of the rooflight. Generally speaking, the roof lantern will let in more natural light and appear more uniform in the middle of the room, whilst other types of glazing will provide you with alternative design options for other areas of the room. Most of the time, a roof lantern will sit directly over the top of a dining room table due to the amount of light being let in. There's also the consideration of heat - with many wrongly assuming that roof lanterns let out an enormous amounts of heat. This may be the case if the installation is carried out incorrectly, however we this is far from the case with many customers of ours reporting very little notice in loss of warmth within a roof. Furthermore don't expect a roof lantern to act as you'd expect to like a greenhouse - many reviews online and from our own customers have reported simply more natural daylight. Of course if you'd like to discuss with one of our team members, feel free to contact us on 0800 019 4493.

Given that we have only a selection of roof lanterns listed on our website, the customisable options is incredibly vast. As standard most rooflights are rectangular, however we have specified roof-lanterns in circular, hexagonal, curved and l-shaped in the past. Without having a complex online builder to do this, we would recommend giving us a call to go through the various options and modifications we can offer. Furthermore, you can have your roof lantern painted in a broad array of colours. Due to manufacturers utilising RAL and BS colour codes, the flexibility and options are truly vast. When it comes to specifying a product with these types of options, whether the colour would be in anthracite grey and/or triple glazed, we'd recommend speaking to one of our consultants who can advise further.
You will need to source an appropriate, accredited and qualifier installer for your new roof lantern. We do have a small database of recommended suppliers, however we are not affiliated at all with these organisations and thus hold no responsibility of the installation method used. With all roof lanterns comes with manufacturing fitting / installation guidelines along with any product guarantees. Of course our recommended list of installers have come from previous customer reviews and we use this as a basis to help you make your decision.
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