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As well as our range of rooflights we also have AOV (automatic opening vents) smoke vents which are able to serve a dual purpose, allowing natural light into your building whilst also adhering to regulations regarding fire safety and ventilation. AOV rooflights are the perfect solution for allowing light and ventilation into corridors, stairwells, and other areas in buildings of multiple occupancy that require certain levels of ventilation to meet fire safety regulations.

Smoke Vents Products

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Coxdome Smoke Vent (AOV) systems provide a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation solution for all commercial and residential applications. Linked to a central control panel, complete with battery backup in case of mains failure, the control panel can be triggered from either manual override switches local to the ventilator and the ground floor by dedicated smoke detectors, or by interfacing with a third party smoke detection/fire alarm system. Supplied with a centrally mounted motor unless otherwise specified. Fully certified to EN12101-2. 160mm PVC kerb for installation to a builders kerb All sizes shown stock for fast delivery Opening to 140° the system offers maximum ventilation

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£1,116.67 Ex VAT (£1,340.00 Inc VAT)

Polycarbonate Automatic Opening Vent rooflight for smoke ventilation Available in a wide variety of sizes Standard sizes for fast leadtimes 100mm high PVC DF Kerb for fitting to a builders timber kerb Fully certified in accordance to BS EN 12101-2 Optional wind deflectors available for improved aerodynamic performance

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£1,217.50 Ex VAT (£1,461.00 Inc VAT)

Polycarbonate  Automatic Opening Vent rooflight for smoke ventilation Available in Clear textured or White Opal Diffused finishes. Special features include; Available in a wide variety of sizes Standard sizes for fast leadtimes 300mm PVC kerb for direct to roof fitting Fully certified in accordance to BS EN 12101-2 Optional wind deflectors available for improved aerodynamic performance

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£1,572.50 Ex VAT (£1,887.00 Inc VAT)

Thermadome AOV Smoke vents are supplied with a 150mm high vertical PVC kerb and are designed to fit to a 150mm high builders kerb to give the required 300mm high kerb whilst keeping the price down. Thermadome AOV units are principally designed for smoke and heat ventilation in corridors within residential apartments, hotels, shops and offices. Fully certified to BS EN12101-2 Compliant with Building Regulations Approved Document B and L Opens to 160 degrees within 60 seconds Offset motor to allow the unit to be used for roof access

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£1,989.17 Ex VAT (£2,387.00 Inc VAT)

A smoke vent, also known as an automatic opening vent (AOV), is a system designed to allow smoke to escape from a building in the event of a fire. It's a safety feature often integrated into rooflights and skylights, which automatically opens in response to smoke detection. This helps to clear smoke from common areas like stairwells and corridors, aiding in safer evacuation and firefighting efforts by reducing the suffocating effect of smoke accumulation.

An AOV, or Automatic Opening Vent, is a system designed to automatically open in the event of a fire to vent smoke and heat, maintaining clear escape and access routes for evacuating people and entering firefighters. A Smoke Vent, typically referring to Smoke Ventilation windows or panels, serves a similar purpose but may not operate automatically. Smoke Vents need to be manually or electronically controlled to open up and allow smoke to escape, which can be crucial for fire safety and is often integrated into a building's fire strategy.

Smoke vents, also known as automatic opening vents (AOV), are essential safety features and should be serviced at least once a year. This is to ensure they are functioning correctly and respond as expected in case of a fire. Regular servicing checks the mechanics, electronics, and battery functions to comply with safety regulations and standards. It's an important maintenance routine that keeps the vents ready to operate effectively in an emergency.

Installing smoke ventilation, also known as smoke vents or automatic opening vents (AOVs), usually involves placing these systems at strategic points in the roof or at high points in walls to allow for the automatic release of smoke in the event of a fire. Professional installation is key, as these systems often need to integrate with the building's fire alarm system. The installation process will typically include fitting the vent, connecting the controls and power supply, and thoroughly testing the system to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Smoke vents are required in certain buildings to help protect occupants in the event of a fire. They are designed to open either automatically or manually to allow smoke, heat, and gases to escape, thereby reducing the potential harm and providing a clearer exit path for individuals. Legislation and building codes often mandate smoke vents in commercial, public, and multi-occupancy residential buildings, including stairwells, corridors, and other common escape routes.

Yes, smoke smell can travel through vents. In buildings, the ventilation system can distribute air along with any smells it carries, including smoke, from one part of the structure to another. This is why proper ventilation and smoke management systems are important in preventing the spread of smoke smell, especially in communal areas or within multi-unit residences.


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