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Sun tubes, or solar tubes/sun tunnels as they are also known, allow natural daylight to seep in and provide natural light to spaces which would normally be dark or poorly lit. This form of skylight is fantastic for introducing warm, indirect light into your rooms using the natural daylight from beyond the rooftop and channelling it down the specially designed metal tube straight into your room. Many properties would suit using sun tunnels as a way to introduce more natural light into otherwise darker, dimmer areas. It is a fantastic choice for people with limited space to add a full-sized skylight. A sun tunnel can be added to a pitched roof or a flat roof and the flexible sun tunnel tube can navigate different sizes of roof space.

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Brings natural light into awkward spaces.

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£354.41 Ex VAT (£425.29 Inc VAT)

Thermadome flat roof Suntubes are the perfect solution to bring natural light into awkward spaces. Available in various of sizes Standard sizes for fast leadtimes Suitable for flat roofs Complete with a PVC upstand 2m long flexible reflective tube with a bayonet connector. Easy-fit magnetic double glazed ceiling diffuser

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£474.17 Ex VAT (£569.00 Inc VAT)

Sun tubes, also known as light tubes, are highly effective at channeling natural sunlight into rooms that might otherwise be dim or lacking in direct window access. They're compact and can be easily installed between roof rafters, guiding light through a reflective tube from the roof to the ceiling of an interior space. Sun tubes are a good choice for bringing daylight into smaller spaces, such as hallways or bathrooms, where traditional rooflights or skylights may not be practical.

Sun tunnels, also known as light tubes or solar tubes, are often considered a valuable addition to a home. They are particularly beneficial for rooms that lack direct window access and therefore miss out on natural sunlight. These fixtures channel sunlight through a reflective tube from the roof into the interior of the building, providing a natural and energy-efficient lighting solution. By reducing the need for electric lighting during the day, sun tunnels can help decrease energy costs and provide a soft, natural light that enhances the ambience of a room.

Yes, sun tunnels can be adapted to run horizontally, although they are most effective when installed with as much verticality as possible. The horizontal section should be kept to a minimum to allow efficient light transfer from the roof to the interior space. When a horizontal run is necessary due to structural constraints, highly reflective tubing materials are used to maximise the reflection of sunlight throughout the tunnel and minimise light loss.

Solar tubes, also known as sun tunnels, are designed to channel natural light from the roof into the interior of a building. They work by capturing sunlight through a dome on the roof and funneling it down through a reflective tube. This tube then leads the light into a diffuser in the ceiling of the room below, which evenly distributes the light throughout the space. Solar tubes provide an energy-efficient way to brighten up a room with the natural light of the sun.

Cleaning sun tubes, also known as light tubes, is a straightforward process. First, you need to remove any dust or spider webs from the exterior dome with a non-abrasive cloth or a brush with soft bristles. For the interior, you can use a telescopic cleaning brush to gently wipe the inside of the tube. If necessary, a mild soap solution can be used for dirtier spots, followed by a clear water rinse. Always ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions and take appropriate safety precautions when working at height.


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