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Sun tubes, or solar tubes/sun tunnels as they are also known, allow natural daylight to seep in and provide natural light to spaces which would normally be dark or poorly lit. This form of skylight is fantastic for introducing warm, indirect light into your rooms using the natural daylight from beyond the rooftop and channelling it down the specially designed metal tube straight into your room. Many properties would suit using sun tunnels as a way to introduce more natural light into otherwise darker, dimmer areas. It is a fantastic choice for people with limited space to add a full-sized skylight. A sun tunnel can be added to a pitched roof or a flat roof and the flexible sun tunnel tube can navigate different sizes of roof space.

Sun Tube Products

Also known as a sun tunnel, our Sun Tube Kits work by focusing daylight from roof level through a reflective tube which can be maneuvered around the roof construction as required.& ...

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Brings natural light into awkward spaces.

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Thermadome flat roof Suntubes are the perfect solution to bring natural light into awkward spaces. Available in various of sizes Standard sizes for fast l ...

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